Fusia Noodle Bar

Fusia Noodle Bar is express eating at its fastest, and is perfect for those who are starving but don’t have that much time to spare.

The Venue

Situated in Centenary Square, next to busy establishments like Starbucks and Turls Green, Fusia is in a prime position. It sits next door to its sister bar Chi Lounge, where people can relax and enjoy a couple of drinks before moving across into the restaurant.

The Atmosphere

Due to the fast paced nature of the restaurant, there is a lively atmosphere. However, due to the seating arrangements, which are akin to the kind of benches you may have sat on at school, this is not the place to go to for seclusion or to enjoy a quiet conversation. There is a nagging feeling that the furniture is purposefully not that comfortable to facilitate a quick turnover. To be fair though, if you’re in a hurry, once you are greeted by the friendly staff you will tuck into your first course within a couple of minutes.

The Food

With a choice of two soups – chicken and sweet corn is a permanent fixture – many starters, and a rotation of around 15 main courses, there is a lot of choice available at almost any given time. Of particular note is the curried chicken, which although slightly top-heavy on the sauce, is still a tasty option. The cashew and Oriental vegetable stir fry, and the satay chicken is of a decent standard, the sort that you’d find at authentic Chinese restaurants. Noodles, rice and chips are available as a side buffet choice. Given that this is an establishment with such a high turnover, the care invested in each dish is impressive.

Between 12noon-4pm, Monday-Thursday, the buffet costs just £4.95 per head. At the same time on Fridays and Saturdays it costs £5.95, whilst, in the evenings, expect to pay £9.95-£10.95. For this you can eat as much as you like but, at times, the replenishment of a particular dish might not be as rapid as you’d desire meaning you may well miss out on one of your favourites.

The Drink

The drinks available are basic tea, coffee and a variety of soft drinks, along with certain beers (Fosters £2.50 a pint) and wines (house wine: £10.75 a bottle / £2.95 a glass. However, the best choice is available in the adjacent Chi Lounge, where a vast array of draught beers, spirits and cocktails are available.

The Last Word

If you are extremely hungry and need a quick fix of tasty Chinese food, Fusia will do the job.

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