Acropolis Coffee Bar

A colourful, family caff in the city centre with some nice artistic touches.

The Venue

With its billowing blue and white awning on the patio and rather gaudy orange and blue exterior, Acropolis describes itself as a ‘lounge and grill’.

With a few metal tables and chairs outside, it’s got plants in the windows and there’s a carpet in the middle of the room and terracotta and black tiling by the counter and a string of fairy lights across the front.

There are narrow, illuminated individual crannies in the walls with different modern vases in. They look very fetching set out against the pale, lime green wall.

It’s pretty big too with its blue tables fixed to the floor and 70’s-style wooden chairs and a there’s a high ledge dividing the space with high stools to sit on. The waitresses wear straw boaters.

How Bar Looked Like

The People

It’s an older crowd who come here for a coffee and a natter. Sometimes you’ll get three generations at the same time with grandmother, mother and kids having a bite to eat.

The Food and Drink

You can get a soup and a roll for just £2.75, as well as sandwiches and jacket potatoes, and fried fillet of haddock is £5.35. More substantially, a shepherd’s pie is £5.75 and a chef’s grill is £6.50.

You can get moussaka too (well, this is the Acropolis), for £5.25, as well as burgers (only £2.25 for a quarter-pounder). Sweet things include cherry tart, chocolate gateaux and an apple pie for £1.55, as well as scones and Danish pastries.

The Last Word

A central, family-friendly caff with some arty flourishes.

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